Prof. Dr. Mikołaj Jan PISKORSKI

Professor of Digital Strategy, Analytics and Innovation
Dean of Asia and Oceania

Prof. Dr. Mikołaj Jan Piskorski, known as Misiek Piskorski, is a Professor of Digital Strategy, Analytics, and Innovation at IMD Asia and Oceania.

He's an expert on digital transformation, working with global companies across industries. Prof. Dr. Piskorski simplifies digital transformation into core principles, distilling it to crucial decisions companies must make. His framework aids companies in creating a digital transformation strategy through accessible steps and illustrative cases. He assists various industries, specializing in organization-wide transformations, offering strategic advisory, transformation projects, and education.

At IMD, Prof. Dr. Piskorski overseas IMD’s Asia and Oceania activities. He also leads IMD’s custom programs for companies like Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, and Asian Development Bank, while directing IMD’s open enrolment executive programs such as Digital Strategy and Leading Digital Business Transformation. His research is published in esteemed journals, and he's an associate editor and board member for academic journals.

In 2023, together with Prof. Dr. Kazuo Ichijo (IMD professor), Mr. Naoshi Takatsu (IMD’s representative in Northeast Asia), he launched the "Japan Management Transformation Forum”, which is a platform for discussion on transforming Japan and improving its competitiveness, with the participation of CXOs from leading Japanese companies.

Formerly at Harvard Business School and Stanford University, Prof. Dr. Piskorski joined IMD in 2014.