CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Gianluca Ambrosetti is the CEO and co-founder of Synhelion. Synhelion is a Swiss clean energy company that uses solar energy to produce carbon-neutral solar fuel to decarbonize transportation. The fuels produced by Synhelion – such as solar kerosene, gasoline, or diesel – can directly replace fossil fuels as they are fully compatible with existing global infrastructure. With its solar fuel technology, Synhelion offers a sustainable and economically viable alternative to fossil fuels and unlocks a clean future of transportation.

Gianluca has a PhD in Physics/Nanotechnology from EPFL Lausanne. Before founding Synhelion, he held various leadership positions in the concentrated solar power and photovoltaics industry. His achievements include several patents and scientific publications, and he is the recipient of the EPFL Prix Prof. René Wasserman 2011. Gianluca is a passionate jazz soprano saxophone player and performs regularly at concerts and jazz festivals.